Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Book Challenges

To me summer has always meant reading as much as possible. And reading whatever I feel like I'm in the mood for at the moment. No obligations. Well, except for the looming library due dates. Reading becomes my top priority. Right after making sure my kids are safe and fed. This is why I love the different summer reading challenges that pop up.
First off, next weekend (June 8-11) is Mother Reader's 48 Hour Book Challenge. (Click through for detailed information.) Unfortunately I will be unable to participate in this one this year. My sister and her family are in town that weekend and while I could stay up all night reading I don't think anyone would appreciate the results. I had plans for the 48 Hour Book Challenge this year though. I had been making them for months and part of them was reading The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. Because I never have. (I know.) Unable to let go of that lofty goal I am doing an unofficial personal challenge this weekend. Also there are a bunch of NetGalley titles I need to read. I will still be cheering on all the official participants next weekend and commenting on as many posts as I can!

The other challenge I am participating in is Donalyn Miller's (of The Nerdy Book Club) Book a Day Summer challenge.  I have started this one already and have been doing well. (I'm going to use my reading this weekend to stockpile titles for the week we are in the Outerbanks). I'm keeping track of this both at Twitter using #bookaday (@brandymuses) and on this board at Pinterest.

Here is what I definitely want to read this month:
The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper
The Kate and Cecilia books by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
All the books I have from NetGalley (especially Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale)
Dogsbody and A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jone

What about you? Any summer reading goals or books you definitely want to read before summer ends?


  1. Sorry I ruined your 48 hour book challenge. But, we get to watch the Tony's together! And hopefully my baby's cuteness will make up for it. :-)

    1. I would rather have time with you and the cuteness. Also I am so excited to be watching the Tony's with you. It's been YEARS since we have done that.