Monday, October 15, 2012

Seeing Cinderella

Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist is a light entertaining Middle Grade novel about a girl who learns to see herself and those around her a bit more clearly. With the help of some magic glasses.

Callie Anderson is dreading middle school, even more now that she has to get glasses. And not just any glasses either, super geeky big clunky black glasses. But Callie soon discovers that her glasses are special. With them on she can see anyone's real thoughts at any given moment. What does the boy she has a crush on really think of her? What is up with her best friend's attitude? What sort of secrets do her new friends and acquaintances have? Can her parents work things out so her Dad can finally move back home? The answers to all these questions and more are at Callie's fingertips. Once she has them though, what will she do about them?

Callie's voice is genuinely MG girl. She is sarcastic,  self conscious, self absorbed, and naive. I don't think any 10-12 year old girl would have any problems slipping themselves into her character. As an adult I figured out most of what was what long before Callie did, but the time it took her was realistic. 6th graders are not known for their intuitiveness and Callie's primary focus, like most girls her age, is herself. The complications of girl social dynamics, crushes, and home troubles was nicely balanced and also realistic. In the end Callie learns what she needs, is a better person for it, and loose ends are neatly tied up. Sound a little to "happily ever after"? Maybe. But what middle school girl couldn't use a little more happily ever after in her life? 

This book is perfect for its target age range and I would recommend it to any girl looking for a fun school story with a touch of magic.

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  1. Oh, if only the glasses I got in 5th grade were magic.... might have to check this one out :-)