Friday, April 25, 2014

Stress and How it Affects My Blogging

Usually it doesn't. I'm a person who thrives on routine and schedules. I have a system for reading and keeping up with my review copies and it fits neatly into my life. My life as normal with the normal stress that arises from day to day living.

I am not experiencing that kind of stress right now.

Any time the stress level of my life goes beyond normal I have several ways of coping: rereading old favorites, reading adult romance novels, organizing things, taking a couple days off reading completely to just spend time in my own head. Usually it doesn't take long for me to blow off the steam from whatever is stressing me out so there isn't really a noticeable affect on the blog.

I am not experiencing that kind of stress right now.

What sort of stress am I experiencing? The stress of MOVING. I know anyone who has done this before will understand. This is a whole other level of stress. It is amplified when it is you responsible times three.

Here's what I'm dealing with in May:
1. I have to finish up the four classes I teach at our homeschool co-op. (One upper elementary and three high school.)

2. I have to continue educating my own two children, keeping them on track to finish on time so they can have a summer vacation.

3. I need to continue to feed and clothe said children while keeping the house as clean as possible at all times.

4. I have to prepare to get us from Tennessee to Michigan.

5. ALL of the books are coming out in May and I have ARCs for many of them. My review schedule is making me want to cry.

Basically, I'm like this more often than not during my day:

And did I mention I am doing all of this without the help of my husband who has already moved?


My normal coping mechanisms are not helping so much because I am often too tired at the end of the day to employ them AND they are interfering with the review schedule causing even more stress.

Except I CAN NOT allow that. The schedule is going to have to go out the window for May I think. I hate that. The book may still get read, but it may be longer before they get reviewed. I'm making no promises. This blog has never been stressful. It is my outlet, something I do mainly for me.

Forgive me if there is less content, more memes, and what not over the next month. I swear I will be back on my game as soon as I can be, and this is the one and only time you see me complaining. (I won't even complain on Twitter. Much.)


Brenda said...

Wishing ya the all the best with the move. I can relate to those feelings, so will happily wait to see what books you review next.

Brandy said...

Thanks! It's a really great thing for our family and we're excited but holy guacamole is it stressful. We've never had to this month apart thing before. Though writing this post was cathartic and helped reduce the stress level a bit. :)

Charlotte said...

Ah gee. I think you are utterly entitled to every bit of stress, but I'm sure it will come out alright in the wash. Last time I moved, I took the junk drawer, emptied the whole thing into a bag, and poured into the junk drawer of the new house. There's no point in perfection when it comes to moving....

I will happily read whatever memes you want to throw out there, or any updates on the moving you feel like sharing!

Brandy said...

Thanks Charlotte! Love the junk drawer story. Similar thing will be happening here. :)

Betsy said...

Just remember that EVERYONE has seasons like this. This may give folks a chance to catch up with the other gems you've written this semester when THEY were similarly stressed.... ;-)