Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rose and the Silver Ghost

Rose and the Silver Ghost is, I believe, the final book in Holly Webb's lovely series about a girl who is both servant and magical apprentice in a fully realized magical alternate historical England.

Previous Books in the Series (links to my reviews):
Rose and the Lost Princess
Rose and the Magician's Mask

Rose's story picks up almost immediately where it left off in Rose and the Magician's Mask. She and the family have returned to London from Venice. Miss Fell has joined the family and taken on both Rose and Bella as pupils, not only to grow and focus their magic but to train them how to be proper ladies. As the lessons continue, she seems to be testing Rose in particular. Bella suspects why and shares her theory with Rose. The girls embark on a dangerous and somewhat misguided plan to uncover the truth of Rose's past, her seeming connection to Miss Fell, and the reasons for the years Rose spent in an orphanage. With the help of a ghost they find in a mirror belonging to Miss Fell, the children and Gus the cat are lead into a world of underground crime lords and exploitation of magic.

Rose and the Silver Ghost is a wonderful conclusion to the journey Rose began in the first novel. She has grown in her magic and come to see that she must choose a life. She can not remain both servant and magician. Her desperate need for a place, to feel like she has a home, is one that readers of all backgrounds and lifestyles can relate to. She just wants to know who she is and understand where she came from so she will know where she is going. Through the course of the novel, all the secrets of Rose's mysterious past are revealed. Some of the revelations are surprising, some less so, but they all combine to make her story richer. I also appreciate how well Webb developed all of the other characters too. Bella, Freddy, and Bill have all grown over the series too. They are wonderful friends to Rose. Gus is still my favorite though. Because you just can't beat a snarky grumpy talking cat with a heart of gold.

Fans of the Rose series will enjoy seeing how everything comes together in this book. I think that it is the final one in the series. It ends in such a way that the story is complete. I wouldn't mind having more though.

I read an e-galley received from the publisher, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, via NetGalley. Rose and the Silver Ghost is currently available in the UK and goes on sale in the US on March 3.


  1. I really must pickup book 2 sometime, Rose's story has always been something I've wanted to find out more about. Especially now, knowing that her past is explained.

    1. I really enjoyed the full arc of Rose's story.