Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TTT: Wishes From the Book Genie

This week's TTT topic: Wishes From the Book Genie

I know this is supposed to be a Top Ten, but I'm going to play by the traditional genie rules and only choose three wishes. These are the bookish wishes nearest and dearest to my heart.


Seriously. Those of us who love these books, the world, and the characters are slowly going out of our minds as we analyze the meaning behind the pictures of her coffee Megan Whalen Turner posts on Tumblr.

2. A house that contains a library like this but that is EMPTY (wait for it):

3. Unlimited funds with which to buy the books I want to fill above library. (With unlimited funds, even if they're out of print, I wills till be able to purchase exorbitantly priced collector's copies.)


  1. Yes, unlimited funds and a library is perfection!

    Here is my TTT!

  2. YES TO THE FIRST WISH! MWT, why do you keep taunting us with coffee pictures? I also mentioned this wish in my list but I included it under a more generic one (To have any book that I want to read whenever I feel like reading it.) Also yes to your two other wishes.