Friday, January 15, 2016

Queen's Thief News!

Finally. Sort of.

Today on her blog Monica Edinger posted about a conversation she had with someone who knows (apparently) that said:

"…. a little bird told me the next two are in the home stretch of being finished and coming out in the near future*.  First the publisher will reissue the original four to bring a new generation of readers to them and then….numbers five and six. "

Five and six. Five AND six. FIVE AND SIX.

To say I'm excited it is an understatement. Even with just as vague news as this is, I'm over the moon. As is the best half of my Twitter feed, which I think is a testament to just how amazing, wonderful, and unique these books are. How absolutely perfect they are.

If you haven't read them yet, you should. I've never written reviews of them here because they are too special to me, but the best and least spoilery motivation is still The Book Smugglers review of the first three books from 2009. Now is a good time to get started if you haven't.

*whispers* Those covers are so beautiful and make me feel things. I'm very nervous about that "reissue" word.


Brenda said...

Wonderful news, I have plans to continue on with the series as soon as time permits.

Brandy said...

Have you just read the first one? (I'm trying to remember.) Though I can't understand how people could stop after reading the second so that's maybe I why assume that. I have no perspective about that book. :)

Benjamin Martin said...

AND!? In this case, that is a wonderful word.

Brandy said...