Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TTT: Favorite Love Stories

This Week's TTT Topic: This week is a Valentine's Theme of choice. I'm doing my Favorite Love Stories (Book OTPs) because it's been a looooong time since I've discussed this and it needed updating.

I love romance.  I freely admit it, there is no shame. I like fluffy ones and serious ones, but my ultimate favorites are the complicated combinations of both.

Gen and Irene from The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner
These two are the very definition of complicated.  They are also the very definition of wonderful.  Their relationship isn't easy and it is obvious they work hard for it.  These two are expert at flirting under the radar. It is fun to watch as everyone else is oblivious to the conversations they are actually having in reality. (This true of even their very first encounter in the first book. Even though its not flirtatious, they begin honing their double level conversation skills from the start.)  What I love most is how absolutely perfectly matched they are in intellect and skill.  I love how they do not fit into any  romantic trope ever written.  Their love story is unique and it beautifully rendered.

Peter and Harriet from the Peter Wimsey Series by Dorothy Sayers
Again, complicated.  Complicated characters make for complicated entanglements.  Peter and Harriet are well matched too.  They are both intellectual, curious, interested in mysteries and insecure in different ways.  If they had  met any other way it might have been easy, or as easy as something involving  Peter could be, but they met in a prison where she was awaiting her second murder trial.  He had to rescue her by finding the real murderer making things awkward and well, complicated.  I adore the way their story unfolds, from that prison meeting (hilariously awkward proposal and all) in Strong Poison to the uncomfortable realities in Have His Carcase to the further uncomfortable realities and swoon worthy revelations in Gaudy Night to the complicated happily ever after in Busman's Honeymoon.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
I almost feel like this one doesn't need explaining. I mean this is rather universal for Austen fans right? But this is one of the love stories I cut my romantic teeth on. Their banter is so perfect. Darcy is such a socially awkward nerd (my favorite kind of hero-one who comes across an arrogant jerk but only because he has no clue how to interact with other humans). Elizabeth is such an opinionated stubborn girl. The combination is one I can never resist and this is the first novel I read that let me just REVEL in it. The place these two hold in my heart is huge.

Kate and Christopher from The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope
And speaking of awkward nerds, Christopher is one who takes the art to dramatic eye-rolling levels of self-sacrificial nonsense. Fortunately for him, Kate has more than enough common sense and hard core stubbornness for them both. She knows how to keep her head clear and focused in dangerous situations, which is good since she ends up having to rescue them both from the situation Christopher's well meaning loyalty and devotion to those he loves lands them in. The banter, which borders on the hostile at times, between these two is magnificent. Most of all I love the way their relationship develops through long conversations in the darkest place of both their lives. They can't touch so physical comfort isn't possible, but they keep each other going through conversation and the presence of their voices. The development of their relationship culminates in one of the best (possibly THE BEST) proposal of all time. Christopher totally nails that at least. *Swoons thinking about it.*

Christopher and Millie from The Chrestomanci Chronicles by Diana Wynne Jones
I know Howl and Sophie are most people's go to when it comes to romance from Diana Wynne Jones, but for me nothing beats Christopher and Millie. Even as a child Christopher is that perfect mix of snark, disdain, and awkward nerd I love in heroes. From their first meeting when he thinks he's all that and a box of chocolate and her magical goddess self is tolerating none of his shenanigans, they are perfection. I originally read these books in the order they are in the omnibus volumes so Charmed Life came first for me. It was an interesting way to read their relationship since they are married adults with children in that book and then you get to go back and see how they got there. But whatever part of their relationship I'm reading, they are perfect: the sniping children drawn together who are also trying to manipulate and control each other (The Lives of Christopher Chant), the awkward teens attempting to navigate their feelings for each other, the powers they have, and the lives they are expected to live (Conrad's Fate), or the married couple with the care of children and an entire enchanted castle and several magical realms (every other book in the series). I really love how their relationship is such an amazing partnership too. Christopher is the  Chrestomanci, but Millie is the stabilizing force of his life and the castle. And let's not forget the ultimate romance in Christopher's last and final life being kept safe in the wedding band Millie wears on her hand. HE LITERALLY PUT HIS LIFE IN HER HANDS.

I'm only doing five because, while I love romantic stories, I'm actually kind of picky about the ones I call my favorites. I'm picky about what I call an OTP. There are certain criteria that needs to be met. But here are a couple of bonuses.


My Movie OTP:

What are some of your favorite couples? Did any make my list?


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Brenda said...

While I love romantic stories, I again struggled this week with making a list. I just haven't read many lately to feel like I had much to offer. I suppose I could have done a movie list, I have tons were that is concerned :)

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Brandy said...

It becomes harder when MG is taking up a lot of your reading time.

Allyson Gilmore said...

Pride and Prejudice has made a lot of lists this week! I love it :)


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Jennifer Rummel said...

I really need to read Megan Whalen Turner - I hear amazing things about her books!

Carrie said...

Elizabeth & Darcy - yes <3 My TTT

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Yes, it did. I saw it everywhere. It makes sense though because it is incredibly well written and a universal story.

Brandy said...

SHE IS THE BEST. I have no perspective when it comes to her books. :)

Brandy said...

They made a lot of lists this week in one way or another.