Friday, July 29, 2016

2016-2017 School Books

The Painter kids started their new school year this past Monday. I am now the mother/teacher of a seventh grader and a third grader which is rather hard for me to believe. My philosophy with literature is that my kids should have a lot of choice, but that there are some things that are just required too (particularly if it's connected to their history). I'm highlighting some of those required books for the year here.

Bit's main focus in history this is year is Ancient Civilizations so she'll be reading The Odyssey, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Codes of Hammurabi, a lot of Old Testament, and several non-fiction sources on civilizations around the world. I hope my other literature picks for her highlight my attempt to give her some female voices that reflect Ancient civilizations and also that I occasionally wanted her to have a break from the old stuff.

LM's main history focus this year is Ancient Greece and Rome. (We did other ancient civilizations last year.) Since my kids are four years apart in age, their studies don't often overlap. This year they do, but since one is  a standard third grader and the other is a highly precocious seventh grader, my life isn't made any easier by this. 

I am planning to introduce LM to Harry Potter this year via read aloud too.


Maureen E said...

So fun to hear about your plans! I always really appreciate your approach to homeschooling.

Brenda said...

Looks like you've picked out some fantastic books for homeschooling. Thanks for sharing them, always interesting to see what you come up with.

Brandy said...

Thank you!

Brandy said...

Planning literature is my favorite part of homeschooling!