Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today is the Day

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I have strong feelings about The Queen's Thief series. I talk about them kind of a lot. They are in so many of my lists: Favorite Books, Favorite Series, Favorite Female Characters, Favorite Male Characters, Favorite Secondary Characters, Favorite Romantic Relationships....well you get the point.

I've reread the first four books in the series so many times I've lost count, and each time I find things I had not noticed before. I never grow tired of reading them. That doesn't mean I haven't wanted with a desperation the next book in the series. Waiting for it has been hard.

Really it's only been 7, but in publishing years 7 feels like 84.


My love for these books is such that I don't review them. I talk about them a lot, but I don't review them. I can't. Because of this, I passed up several opportunities to get an ARC. I don't regret that decision. At all. And I want to reflect on that for a moment. Reading for reviewing often changes the way I read. I wanted to just experience this book the same way I experienced its four predecessors (which I read pre-blogging). I gained something else from not picking up the ARC I wasn't expecting. I remembered what it was like to truly anticipate with every fiber of my being something I'm passionate about. No chance for spoilers. (Our tiny fandom is super courteous. They are the best.) No having to keep all my thoughts to myself before everyone had a chance to read. I got to just sit back and be a fan of a YA book and enjoy it as it is. I'm deeply grateful to past me for finding the backbone to walk away from all those shiny ARCs at Midwinter and refuse the offers I got from others who had it. I needed this dash of excitement and joy these past few months. I needed the delicious agony of this wait and the months to just revel in rereading the other books.

Anyway if you haven't read these books yet, what are you waiting for? How have I not convinced you? What more can I do?

Here is a post I wrote last year on why I love them. Start there. In the mean time I'm going to enjoy this day and look forward to when I get to do this again. (Though hopefully it won't take 84 7 years for the final book to come out.)


Maureen E said...

YES, I feel exactly the same way about deciding to not get the ARC! I can't think of the last time I've been so truly hyped for a book.

Brandy said...

And the hype was WORTH IT! As we have discussed already. :)

Jenna @ Falling Letters said...

I haven't read these books, but I know I added the first one to my TBR because a few bloggers I follow love it :P This one has a great cover! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Kim Aippersbach said...

I haven't been this happy since Harry Potter 7. I didn't start reading it at midnight, but near enough! Such a pleasure to be drawn right back into the world and the characters and to be so confident in the writer's hand. I want to reread it again, of course—another pleasure to anticipate!