Thursday, August 31, 2017

Shorter Musings (MG)

Here are some shorter musings on recent reads

First Class Murder by Robin Stevens
This delightful series continues to make me smile. Hazel is coming in to her own so nicely and I can't wait to see how that affects her relationship with Daisy. I can already see more strain starting to develop. I hope that it eventually leads to more growth on Daisy's part. Meanwhile, I love the callbacks to classic mysteries and was delighted to see my two favorites from book two make cameos. Alexander was a great secondary character addition in this as well. I can not wait for the US to catch up to where the series is in the UK! If you haven't experienced these wonderful MG books and are a fan of old fashioned mystery stories, start with Murder is Bad Manners.

The Daybreak Bond by Megan Frazer Blakemore
This is an enjoyable sequel to last year's [book:The Firefly Code|26073153]. It answers a lot of questions brought up in the first book and has the continued adventure of the Firefly Five. It also introduces a new group of characters, "outsider" children who meet and help the Firefly Five. This book is more of a quest novel than the first, and I find myself liking the first book a lot more. I was satisfied with this, and I liked the resolution, but I was one of the few content with how the first book ended even if it didn't resolve everything and was leading into a new adventure.

The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman
This is a fairly typical MG adventure quest story. There are group of four kids who need to save each other and the world. They have all lost something significant and need a sense of family and community. The main four characters are a diverse group. The story has many Arthurian elements to it. It's not bad but its not fantastic. I don't think it brings much that is new or innovative to MG fantasy, and it could have used another couple of edits to pare down the content. It's a thick book with very small print. It's going to have a very niche audience when you bring all those things plus the WWII setting together.

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