Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday Books

May is Birthday month in the Painter house. My birthday and both kids birthdays fall in this month so there is lots of book buying happening. I don't know what books I'll be getting this year, but I do like to share what I'm giving the kids for their birthdays.

For Bit (who is turning 9):
I''m also giving her all my copies of the Kat books as she and I have shared that whole adventure together via read aloud and she loves them so much.
In other book related gifts she is getting this poster from Scholastic by Raina Telgemeier to put on her wall.

For LM-I needed a new nickname for him for blogging/twitter; Bit wanted me to call him Rock Star in Training. I'm going with Little Musician or LM at this point. (who is turning 5):

 Others may be added. There is a Scholastic warehouse sale calling my name next weekend.


  1. We just read That is NOT a Good Idea, and we loved it!!! And I didn't know about the new Lemony Snicket/Jon Klassen book...I put it on hold as soon as I read this post!

    1. It's great! Especially if you have one that isn't all that fond of the dark.