Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TTT: Characters I Would Adopt

This week's TTT topic: Character Who X where here X=Characters Who I Would Adopt

As a mom, often when I am reading, I will get all maternal about the character in question and want to give them a life better than the one they are getting in the book. This happens particularly often in the MG books I read, so I am featuring characters who I would adopt.

 Turtle Wexler from The Westing Game: This girl's parents do not deserve her or appreciate her as they ought.

Kat Stephenson from Kat Incorrigible: Kat's family love and appreciate her, sometimes not as much as she deserves and sometimes in spite of herself. I just think she would be great fun to have in my house. Though the combination of her and Bit would possibly lead to said house's destruction.

Sage in The False Prince: The entire time I was reading this book I just wanted to give Sage a hug and bake him some cookies. This only applies to him in this book.

Alunna in Above World: This is another girl whose family seriously needs to be better appreciated by her family. Of course her adversity makes her into the amazing heroine she is, but I would open up my house for her to come and hang out whenever she needed peace. Again though, this would be another dangerous combination with Bit.

Jinx from Jinx: Yes, I LOVE Jinx's relationship with Simon. I really wouldn't want to interfere with that. But it would be great if Simon, Sophie, and Jinx could live next door to us and I could semi-adopt him. He would be a great surrogate big brother for my kids. He may even outsnark Bit.

Olivia Stellatella from The Year of Shadows: Oh my does this girl need love and acceptance. I wouldn't want to change her at all because she has a great personality, but as I was reading I could picture an environment in which she would thrive beautifully.

 Rose from Rose: Rose needs a happy place to come home to at the end of the day with people who will not hate or fear her.

Neverfell from A Face Like Glass: Never have I wanted so much to jump into a book and yank the character out of any and all danger as I did her.

ALL the Casson children: Any one who reads these books and doesn't want to smack the parents upside the head is devoid of all human feeling.

Doug Swieteck from Okay For Now: Again, this is another one you can't read without wanting to yank Doug out of his home situation. Breaks my heart.

Have you ever read a book and wanted to adopt the main character?


Anonymous said...

This is a great list! I especially agree with Rose! She needs some loving parents.

My list is over at:

Brenda said...

Yes, yes Rose and Jinx and Sage. Great list.

Brandy said...

She certainly does!

Brandy said...


Katherine P said...

Yes definitely on Turtle Wexler! I've read that book 100 times and always felt Turtle needed to be somewhere else! I haven't read Rose but now I feel that I need to! Great list!

Summer McDaniel said...

Aw, I love how you did this topic! I haven't read any of these (The False Prince is definitely on my list though), but I think I'd want to hug all of them as well when I do :)

Amy Johnson said...

I would adopt Early Auden from Navigating Early. Love that boy.