Friday, December 26, 2014

Favorite Books of Last Five Years

A couple weeks ago I was involved in a discussion on Goodreads about the current Best of Books lists that were beginning to appear and how underwhelmed we were by most of the books being included on these (particularly the YA). In the course of that discussion an idea about doing a Best of (or Favorites) of the last five years list. We tend to get so excited about the new and then a couple of years later, we don't even remember many of those books. But what are the books that truly stick with you from one year to the next? I liked this idea so much I decided to make a Favorite list of the previous five years of reading. I may do this every year.

Because I will still do my favorites of 2014, this is going to cover 2009-2013. Here are the books that have stuck with me most from those five years. These are the books I've reread and maintained my love and excitement for. Four of my all time favorite books are included on this list.

In the order I read them.

From 2009:

 I think everyone pretty much knows this is my favorite series. 2009 was the year I discovered it. I read The Thief on Father's Day. I had The Queen of Attolia from the library by the end of the next week. I read it the same evening I checked it out. My library didn't have King of Attolia so I immediately ordered the entire series. While I waited for them to arrive, I read The Queen of Atollia two more times. The day the books came in the mail, I read The King of Attolia TWICE in one sitting. I stayed up all night. I then went and immediately reread the three books over again. I reread them at least once a year (including the fourth book that's further down the list). For most other series, I'm only going to include my favorite and you can assume I love the others as well, but this series is special so they're all on here. It's also the only one I'm writing anything about.


 It's interesting to note that the discover of Megan Whalen Turner led to the discovery of all the rest of my favorite books that year.

From 2010:


From 2011:


From 2012:

From 2013:


There you go. I may do this every few years.


  1. This is such a great idea! I was underwhelmed by the Best of Books list on Goodreads too. When I have time, I'll try and look back on my favorite reads the past 5 years. I started my blog in 2010 though so I'm not sure if I'll be able to remember 2009 favorites. Also, I don't think it would surprise you to know that I've read most of the books in your list. :)

    1. I didn't start my blog until 2010 too, but 2009 made quite an impression.


    <3 <3 <3

    (Yeah, I'm excited :D Seriously, this book list is one I want to force my friends to read when they ask me what my favorite books are. THIS LIST IS SO GREAT.)

  3. Awesome list! You've got a lot of my favourites on there, so now I'm curious about the ones I haven't heard of. (I keep meaning to try Melina Marchetta, but somehow I haven't yet.)

    1. Melina Marchetta's realistic stuff is WONDERFUL. I didn't like her fantasy series as much as the realistic stuff, but it is also good.