Friday, January 30, 2015

ALA Midwinter 2015 and the YMAs

Today I am off to Chicago for the fun that is the ALA Midwinter meeting. There is so much I'm looking forward to (not the least of which is getting to meet Maureen in person for the first time). If you follow me on Twitter, you will see many tweets about what I'm experiencing including the hilarity and wisdom that comes from the teen feedback session in the BFYA committee.

Of course, what us kidlit enthusiasts are most psyched up for are the announcements of the Youth Media Awards on Monday morning. Here are some of my thoughts on what I hope to see with shiny new stickers on their covers on Monday.

The Big Winner:

This one should come away with more than one sticker. Let's be honest. We're all going to fall over in shock if it doesn't. It should garner a Coretta Scott King Award, a Newbery (I'm betting THE Newbery and not an honor), and could even snag a Printz (though that is less likely).

Some other books I would love to see get some Newbery love are:

 I hope Alexander also gets a Coretta Scott King (honor probably).

This seems a shoe-in for the Schneider Award and I'm happy with that (I'm not as convinced as others at its chance for the Newbery, but it would be a nice change of pace if it won-again, thinking honor.):

I also have high hopes that Sheinkin will receive all the stickers that can fit on this one:
Most people seem to prefer, or at least like as much, The Family Romanov and I do not understand why at all. For me Port Chicago 50 is far superior, but I predict The Family Romanov will also come away with its share of awards.

I haven't read all the Morris contenders, but that doesn't stop me from picking a favorite anyway (go fantasy!:

As for the Printz Award.....honestly I can never tell with that committee, and my "serious" YA reading was more lacking this year. (I regret nothing.) I can say that I DO NOT want We Were Liars to win. The more time that's past since my reading it, the less I like it. I can count on one hand with fingers left over how many Printz winners I love though, so clearly I'm out of it when it comes to this award. (Jellicoe Road, American Born Chinese, and.........nope, that's it.) I do harbor hopes that this book will  get something though I think it's a dark horse:

I REALLY want this to win the Geisel. In my opinion, it is the best Elephant & Piggie since We are in a Book, and is heads above everything else for the category this year:

And as picture books are not my area of expertise, I have no thoughts on the Caldecott whatsoever. (Or any other picture book award contenders.)

What are your favorites to win Monday morning? 

If you are going to be at Midwinter and want to meet up, send me a DM or an email!

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  1. Have fun in Chicago! Looking forward to seeing who the winners are on Monday too. More books to add to ever growing TBR.