Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dealing with Dragons

A review featuring Bit (Bibliophile in Training), age 6

I checked out Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede (Book One in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles) from the library for puposes of my own reading.  I enjoy a good anti-princess story.  Well, so does Bit and when she saw this she asked if I could read it to her too.
The StoryPrincess Cimorene does not like doing what is proper.  Over the course of time she is denied fencing lessons, magic lessons, Latin lessons and cooking lessons.  Instead she must submit  herself to princess lessons, such as learning the right moment to scream during a giant attack.  When her parents attempt to betroth her to a prince she finds less than intelligent she runs away and volunteers her services as a dragon's princess.  She begins to serve the dragon, Kazul, and finds herself turning away enterprising knights, befriending a witch, learning magic, and attempting to foil the schemes of some troublesome wizards.  Everything her parents would consider not proper.

Bit's ThoughtsI think Dealing with Dragons is very funny.  Compared to other princess and dragon stories I like it just the same.  I like how Cimorene took care of Kazul when she got sick.  I think Cimorene is very smart.  Mommy is going to read me the second book next.

My ThoughtsDealing with Dragons is a fun story that any young princess and dragon lover will find entertaining.  Cimorene is a princess who is not afraid of work and does her job well.  She also uses her mind and is unafraid to do what she thinks is right.  The story moves quickl and, while nothing that happens is particularly surprising, it is always interesting.  Honestly though, I wouldn't be intrigued enough to continue reading the series on my own.

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