Thursday, August 11, 2011

Searching for Dragons

A review featuring Bit, Bibliophile in Training, age 6

One benefit of a long drive in a car is that it enables me to catch up on my reading.  Or in this case, my reading aloud.  Bit and I finished book two in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles during such a drive today.
What is up with the way the characters are drawn on these covers?  Not the picture of them I have in my head, that's for sure.

The Story
Mendanbar is the King  of the Enchanted Forest and, while he is proud of his heritage and kingdom, he's a bit stressed.  Because he needs to learn to delegate.  While taking a much needed day off, Mendanbar discovers parts of his forest burned away.  Investigations lead him to believe the wizards are trying to stir up trouble with the dragons and he goes to visit the King of the Dragons, Kazul.  Instead he gets Kazul's princess, Cimorene, who is worried because Kazul is missing.  Mendanbar and Cimorene embark on a journey to find the missing dragon and meet many extraordinary people and have magical adventures along the way.

Bit's ThoughtsI liked this story better than the first.  I think the ending was my favorite part because there's romance.  I like it when people fall in love.  I like the new characters.  I like Telemain, the magician that helps them.  Mendanbar is the new main character.  I like Mendanbar because he's cute.*  I think Mendanbar is funny too.  Mendanbar is good with Cimorene.

*When asked  what she meant by this all I got was giggling and "Because I just think he is."  So looking forward to middle school with this one.

My ThoughtsI too like this one better than the first one.  It had me eager to turn the page and keep reading at the end of every chapter.  I didn't want to put it down and I couldn't say that about Dealing with Dragons.  I thought Mendanbar was a wonderful addition to the cast of characters and enjoyed his interactions with Cimorene.  Over the course of the book  Mendanbar comes learns a lot about himself, his power, and what sort of king he needs to be.  I also enjoyed the adventurous aspect of this novel more.  There was a great deal of journeying involved in finding Kazul and Mendanbar and Cimorene encounter many fascinating people, help and obstacles along the way that keep the story going at a quick pace.  These books are so much fun and I am so glad I was able to share them with Bit, who is very excited about the whole series.

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