Friday, August 26, 2011

Have Some Links (Awesome, Infuriating and Helpful)

The internet has had some attention grabbers this week.

Starting with the awesome:
At least it's awesome if you are a fan of Megan Whalen Turner (and if you are not it is probably because you haven't read her books yet. You should.) A Conspiracy of Kings has been released in paperback and has an extra short story about the destruction of the Gift. You can read it here. (Click on contents then bonus page. It is after the list of characters.)

The Infuriating:
I saw this first one on Eva's Book Addiction:  Ralph Lauren is masquerading their catalog of children's clothing as an interactive picture book. Ick.

On the same day I then saw this post on Book Aunt. This one is about a picture book coming out about a girl who is 14 and overweight, gets made fun of, goes on a diet, and, once she is skinny, becomes uber popular. And yes, that says PICTURE book. Kate pretty much said all there was to say and included a link to a news video. Just click up there and prepare to be disgusted. This gets a double ick for the terrible writing in the book.

And now for the helpful:
Over at Redeemed Reader there was a guest post about using movies based on books as teaching tools with your kids. (This is from a Christian view point but there are good things to be found in there even if you don't share that view.)

Related to this Bit and I were having a discussion this week about The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I was going to read it to her but she wants to read it herself. During this discussion this occurred.
Bit: I don't just want to read it because of the movie coming out I really love the author's illustrations. He does amazing art.
Me (amused): The illustrator does amazing art huh?
Bit: Yeah, Brian Selznick. He did all the pictures in Frindle and I love those.
Me (after recovering from surprise): Um yes, yes he did.
(The Bibliophile in Training program is apparently more effective than I thought.)

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