Friday, July 12, 2013

School Books

Yep. My kids go back to school on Monday. I love doing year round school. I really do. As usual I thought I would share some of the stuff that I will be teaching this year, because I'm EXCITED.

Bit will be in 4th grade (Can you believe this!?!). Her history focus for this year is Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation. Oh so much good stuff to read. Lots of wonderful non-fiction and Norse Mythology. We will be doing a unit on Beowulf-to introduce her to the story and concept with which she will be reading:

With her history units she will also be reading The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood, King Arthur by Roger  Lancelyn Green, Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green, and a graphic novel version of Macbeth.

These are the books that I'm teaching for my 4th-6th grade co-op class. Bit is in this class so will be reading these as well.

I'm also teaching two High School Literature classes. One for 8th-10th grades and a 10th-12th grade British Literature class. So I get to teach all the awesome books basically. (I even managed to work it so I'm teaching The Queen of Attolia again. Because it is the most awesome of all awesome books.)

Little Musician is going to be in Kindergarten. (Even harder for me to wrap my head around.) I will be introducing him to all the greats via read aloud including Charlotte's Web.

Is anyone else actually looking forward to the new school year?

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