Friday, January 24, 2014

ALA Youth Media Awards

Monday is the day the Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and assorted other award will be announced at ALA Midwinter. Usually I sit on the edge of my seat watching the webcast to see who will win. But this year, I WILL BE THERE IN PERSON. Yep, as this posts I'm on my way to Philadelphia for the Midwinter Meeting of the American Library Association. It's my first time attending and I'm so excited.

There are several lovely books I would like to see win this year. (And a handful I DO NOT, but I won't mention those. Keeping this positive.)  Regard this as a wish list and not predictions. It is what I want to see grab some shiny stickers. 

Newbery Award Hopefuls (In the order I read them): 

If you're thinking, wow she has a lot of fantasy on this list, you would be right. It was a good year for MG Fantasy. I also read all of it because I was a Cybils panelist in that category. I'm seriously lacking in non-fiction and poetry consumption this year. I wasn't really feeling realistic fiction in any sort of way. (At least that are Newbery eligible) The exceptions are before you.

The Printz (None of these are going to win, because the Printz committee never likes what I like.):

I am in not position to comment on any of the other awards this year. I would like to see Journey  win the Caldecott, but have not familiarized myself as well with the field. 

Do any of you have any wishes or predictions? 

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Anonymous said...

I would be so overjoyed if Jinx was recognized.

I could see Boxers & Saints at least getting an honor, but I'd be curious to see if it was honored as one book or two, should that happen.