Friday, May 9, 2014

Birthday Books

May means Birthdays in the Painter house and I always like to share the books I'm giving (and receiving) for those birthdays.

LM is turning 6 and this is what he is getting:

Bit is turning 10 (still trying to wrap my head around that) and this is what she is getting:

And I had a birthday last week and here is what I picked up with a gift card I received:

Plenty of happy reading to keep us occupied during the move!


Charlotte said...

Happy birthday to the three of you! You are lucky that your birthday is reasonably far from Christmas! Mine is right after, and around this time of year I am all sad because no one is going to give me the books I want. That being said, thanks so much for Face Like Glass, which was a treat!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you and the kids! That's so cool that all of you got books for your birthdays. :) I rarely receive books from friends or family because they have no clue what to get for me, they're always afraid that they'd give me something that I already have.

Brenda said...

Happy belated birthday, looks like you all have some great books to share.