Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taking the Week Off

Hey Everyone!

I am taking the week off from the blog. Remember that moving stress I talked about? Yeah. It completely overwhelmed me this week. I have read very little, and what I have read I do not want to write about. Hopefully this will only be a one week break and not two. I still have not arrived at my house with my stuff yet so we shall see....I'm hoping to get at least some things read and written this week so I'm expecting to be back to business as usual by June 2.

I am stock piling some of my most anticipated reads for this:
This year's challenge will be June 6th-9th and you can sign up at Mother Reader here


Brenda said...

Moving is totally the worst. I've done my fair share so I can totally relate, the good thing is at some point it ends and everything finally gets in its place. Wishing you all the best!

Brandy said...

Yes, Brenda. I'm looking ahead to that day with much anticipation!