Friday, May 23, 2014

Shorter Musings: Fun Romantic YA Contemporaries

Sometimes I read a book, and I even enjoy it, but I don't have much to say about it. I jot down a few thoughts and then I move on. When these start to pile up, I put them together in one post.

Here are some reviews of fun romantic contemporary YAs perfect for summer reading.

The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes
I really enjoyed this. I'm all about these light fun contemporary YA reads right now. I liked how Lainey acts like a typical teenage girl. Her post break-up self is full of drama and overreactions and a little bit selfish. All of us who have been there and lived that can relate and know how it feels. I like when books for teens have real teens in them, and not adults masquerading as teens. This book does a good job of that. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the romantic leads in it too. I loved the best-friendship between Lainey and Bianca as well. Review of ARC received by publisher, Harper Teen, via Edelweiss.

Taste Test by Kelly Fiore
This is a fun fluffy story that takes place on a reality TV show for seniors in high school who have culinary ambitions. Any one who has ever watched The Food Network will recognize the set-up and they will know exactly what is going on. I was really enjoying the first half of the book. It was fun and the easy banter between Nora and Christian was snappy. He was a little too much of a jerk and I felt the whole hate to love thing was starting with a little too much hate, but I was enjoying myself. Then the hate part of the relationship kept going on and on and on. And on. As a result I never really believed in the relationship so by the time the happy ending came around it was anticlimactic. Still it is a fun premise and mostly well done, particularly for a debut novel. I will certainly read the next book the author writes.

Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae
A fun, light read that is exactly what I needed last night. I enjoyed the descriptions of Italy (most especially the food). It brought back memories of my own time there. I wasn't a big fan of the second boy and all the angst that caused. I would have liked this far more if it had merely focused on Darren and the growing relationship between Pippa and him. Too much unnecessary angst with Bruno, especially as Pippa was causing a lot of eye-rolling with her stupidity over that. BUT every other part of the book I adored. Review of ARC received from publisher, Bloomsbury Children's US, at ALA Midwinter.

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