Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TTT: Characters I Want to Check in With

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This Week's Topic: Characters I Want to Check in With

I love characters and here are some I would really love to glimpse how their lives are going.

Melina Marchetta writes the best characters and I find myself thinking about them a lot. Taylor and Jonah in Jellicoe Road are a lot of people's favorites, but I want to know what is going on with Chaz and Raffy. I would pretty much give anything for a Chaz and Raffy book. I also want to know how all the characters in Saving Francesca/The Piper's Son are getting along as adults. Know I'm not alone here.

R.J. Anderson is another author whose characters I can't get enough of. I want to see how Tori, Milo, Alison, and Sebastian are faring even if it would hurt my heart. And I could read as many of her faery books as she wants to write, but I would love for a glimpse into the future of the all the characters from the five books written that I love. (Particularly Ivy and Martin.)

This is a book you can't have a sequel to, not without ruining it. But I would love to just have a little glimpse at Briony's future life.

This is obviously impossible, but I've always wanted the Aravis/Shasta as bantering falling in love teenagers story. One sentence towards the end wasn't nearly enough!!!

Another impossible one. *SOBS* But really I would just love the tiniest of looks into Cat's future. (And Marianne's, of course.)

This is one of the hardest because I know there are more books. They already exist. They just haven't been published yet. Doing this list is sort of heartbreaking. 

This one is coming!!! RIGHT???? Like we will know something ANY DAY. Please. 

What characters would you like to check in on and see how they're doing?


  1. Have never read any of these books but they seem amazing.

  2. Some new to me books on your list, but they sound intriguing. Yes, should have added The Chronicles of Narnia.

  3. MWT, EWein and Melina Marchetta!

  4. CHAZ AND RAFFY YES! If we really are getting the Jimmy book, let's will that into existence next.

    And completely agree on Chime. I want more . . . but also not really, ha!

    I think the Chronicles of Narnia book I want most is the Pevensies as Kings and Queens! Would love to see them actually ruling Narnia.

    1. I honestly would trade the Jimmy book forever for a Chaz and Raffy book. And that's despite my love for all the characters in Saving Francesca/The Piper's Son.

      We get a little bit of the Pevensies as Kings and Queens in Horse and HIs Boy. I'm content with that. But I just love Aravis and Shasta's chemistry.

  5. You know, I could never finish Chime. I don't know what it was about it that I didn't like, and I often feel like I didn't give it enough of a chance, but there is no way I could imagine giving it another go. I always feel badly when I see someone mention it. I guess because it sounds like a book I really should have loved.

    1. There were several people who didn't like it. Not every book is for every reader. It was definitely for me though.

  6. Echoing Katie to say CHAZ AND RAFFY!

    And when are we getting that MWT annoucement?! It's been so long!

    1. I don't know. I try really hard not to overanalyze MWT's Tumblr participation or lack thereof. Sigh. I'm ready.