Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TTT: Books Set in Places I Grew Up

This week's TTT topic: Top Ten Books with X Setting

X Being Places I've Lived

Because my father was in the Air Force, I moved a lot growing up. My husband, while not in the military, has a transient career as well so I'm still moving. I thought it would be fun to choose a favorite books set in the places I grew up.

Nebraska (ages 2-7)

Why: There aren't a whole lot of books set in Nebraska that I've read. Rowell's books are the books there I've read, and this is still my favorite book she's written.

England (ages 7-11)

Why: I know may of you are probably thinking, what on earth. Whhhyyyy??? After all, there are so many books that take place in England. Well, I love too many of them so I tried to find a book that I love, and that was set as close to where I actually lived (Suffolk) as possible. So here we are. This isn't my favorite Sayers' novel by any stretch, but it is her writing and still very good as a result. 

California (ages 11-14)

Why: I love Turner's entire Las Morenas series and Autumn Sage is my favorite. Her descriptions of Cabrillo remind me of a place I went on a class trip once. I enjoy how these books incorporate so much California history into them and are exactly as diverse and complex in that as they should be. 

New York (ages 14-16)

Why: There are so many books that take place in New York City. (I did not live in the New York City.) I wanted a book for this state that didn't and this is one of my top favorite books of all time anyway. I love the Revolutionary history, the characters, and it has one of the best proposals of marriage ever.

North Carolina (ages 16-26)

Why: Virginia Kantra writes North Carolina better than anyone. If you want to argue about that, I'm prepared. She manages to show southern without resorting to quirky. It is always amazing to me how many authors (even ones who live in the south) can't do this. This is the place where I lived the longest, though in three different cities. My husband is from there and my sister still lives there so it is the place I've lived I return to the most as well. I actually just reread this entire series over the past month and was struck again by how well this was handled and how much I really do love all of these characters. 

I decided to focus on places I grew up because I think those places are the most important to the person I am today. Also because the next two places on the list are New Mexico and Tennessee and I tend to not like books that take place in either state. New Mexico books tend toward the mystical or criminal telling me exactly how the author gained their perspective on the state. Tennessee books suffer from what all southern set books suffer, a surfeit of quirky. 

So that's it. And in case you're wondering, birth through two I was in Spain. I don't remember a thing about it. Also I don't think I've ever read a book set in Spain. Recommendations any one?



Samantha Carpenter said...

I love your spin on this week's topic! I have pretty much only lived in 2 places so my books would be VERY limited! Haha!

Helle said...

Cool twist on the topic this theme! I've only lived in a pretty small town in Norway my entire life, so I could not have done this, haha. I've only read Attachments out of these books, but the other books sound interesting.


IloveHeartlandX said...

Interesting twist on this week's theme! I've only ever lived in England (and Scotland for Uni), so my choices would be very limited!
My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/top-ten-tuesday-70/

Giovanna said...

I started reading Attachments a while ago, but I ended up putting it down and never finishing it. Hopefully I can get back to it soon! Great Top Ten My Top Ten Tuesday!

Charlotte said...

Cool list! Nine Tailors was the first Sayers my mother gave me to read so I am rather fond of it. I myself grew up in Portugal and the Bahamas, and there's not a lot of (English language, for P.) kids books set in either place. For Spain, one I love is I Juan de Pareja. I'm kind of sad that my boys will live all their childhoods in one house. It is so much easier to keep your childhood memories straight when the house changes!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome topic! So interesting that you've lived in so many places. I've only ever lived in Manila and Singapore, and I still haven't found a book set in Singapore that I've enjoyed reading.