Friday, March 7, 2014

SLS BoB 2014: Round One

The battle commences on Monday. I did a prediction post earlier this week, but this is where I will do my typical breakdown of the entire round with my hopes and dreams for each outcome. I still haven't read Midwinterblood. My library still hasn't purchased a copy. At all. I don't even know what to do with that given it just won the Printz and we have all his other books. I didn't buy it because I thought for sure they would have it by now, and I had to buy two of the other books. I'm a girl on a budget. Ah well. 15/16 is not bad. Better than some previous years.

Links are to my reviews.

Monday, March 10

Judge: Vaunda Nelson 
My Pick: All the Truth That's In Me
I had some MAJOR issues with All the Truth That's In Me. (My review will post on Monday. I just finished it yesterday.) However. The Animal Book, while delightful, is basically a coffee table book for kids. I'm sure we need some of those. But if I'm choosing, I will always go with something that has story and character. And my issues with All the Truth That's in Me had nothing to do with character and story. Loved both.

Tuesday, March 11

Judge: Yuyi Morales
My Pick: A Corner of White
The frustrating thing about the alphabetical order is often my favorites all go against each other in the first round. Such is the case with this one. I love both of these books for different reasons, but in the end I love A Corner of White more. It is a divisive book. You have to be willing to go with Moriarty's sense of whimsy and many are not willing to do that. If you are, it is a wonderful treat of a book.

Wednesday, March 12

Judge: Lauren Oliver
My Pick: Doll Bones
Another case of I-hate-ABC-order. Both of these books are favorites, but my true heart is with the Middle Grade. Always.

Thursday, March 13

 Flora & Ulysses versus Far Far Away

Judge: Sarah Mlynowski
My Pick: Flora & Ulysses
I am not a huge fan of Flora & Ulysses, and I'm honestly a bit amused  by the Newbery Curse. Normally I would go with wanting any other book to win simply because it amuses me so. But my desire to see the curse continue is far outweighed by my LOATHING of Far Far Away.

Friday, March 14
Hokey Pokey versus March Book One

Judge: Tom Angleberger
My Pick: Hokey Pokey
Yeah. You read that right. I would choose Hokey Pokey to go forward. Just because I didn't LIKE it (at all) doesn't mean I can't recognize it as well done. And I thought March was a bit lacking. It's a good historical book, but rather boring it many places. So much exposition in a graphic novel should be illegal.

Monday, March 17

Judge: Mac Barnett
My Pick: P.S. Be Eleven
I haven't read Midwinterblood, but even if I had I think I would still want P.S. Be Eleven to move on. Because Middle Grade. And also it is wonderful in every way.

Tuesday, March 18

Rose Under Fire versus The Thing About Luck 

Judge: Malinda Lo
My Pick: Rose Under Fire
I DNFed The Thing About Luck because I was bored. Not only did Rose Under Fire not bore me, it moved me to tears with its beauty, heart, and courage.

Wednesday, March 19

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp versus What the Heart Knows

Judge: Sheila Turnage
My Pick: The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
It takes a rather exceptional poetry book for me to fall in love with it, and What the Heart Knows didn't do much for me. I really enjoyed True Blue Scouts and that says something because it also takes a rather exceptional animal story for me to fall in love.

Agree? Disagree? Let me hear your thoughts!

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Brenda said...

I don't envy the judges, but it will be fun to see if your predictions come true.