Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Reads of 2013

It is December 31, the day in which I must separate the top 10 books I'm willing to call my absolute favorites from the rest. This is never an easy task. This year I far surpassed my reading goal, reading 194 new-to-me books. Choosing 10 books out of 194 is challenging yes, but I do find the more I read the pickier I get about what I really love. Except this year I found it impossible to choose 10. I narrowed it down to 11 and then found I could absolutely not cut it down any further. So…..


Links are to my reviews:

The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

Empire of Bones by N.D. Wilson

Jinx by Sage Blackwood

Mirage by Jenn Reese

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein 

The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow

Summerkin by Sarah Prineas

The Sunbird by Elizabeth Wein

Stolen Magic by Stephanie Burgis


Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

I loved Rose Under Fire too! I'm hoping to get around to some of her other books in the new year. I'm glad you enjoyed The Sunbird. :) The Chocolate Thief is one that all my friends seem to have loved this year. I'm definitely curious about it and look forward to giving it a try eventually. And I'm happy to see The Bitter Kingdom make your favourites. I enjoyed the first book in the trilogy and can't wait to continue soon. Great picks! :)

Brandy said...

All of E Wein's books are wonderful!

Warning: The Chocolate Thief books are ADDICTIVE. They will also make you want chocolate. The good stuff.

Anonymous said...


So much good MG this year! It feels like a much stronger MG than YA year, though funnily enough not strong Newbery MG.

I'm rooting Sorrow's Knot for the Printz, but it feels like Chime to me - the darkest of horses.

Hope you have a wonderful 2014 filled with wonderful things for your family - and with wonderful books :D

Brandy said...

YES! It was a great year for MG-great stories and great characters and most of them genre books so will probably be overlooked by Newbery.

Yes, I've completely given up hoping for anything regarding the Printz.

Thanks, and I wish you all the same!

Jessica said...

I really enjoyed Summerkin, and I'm looking forward to Moonkind this year! I need to read Stolen Magic, I really love the first two books in the trilogy but haven't gotten to read that one yet. I have Sorrow's Knot on my TBR list! :)

Brandy said...

My copy of Moonkind is on its way and I'm so excited!

Stolen Magic is definitely the best in the trilogy.

You have such a treat in store with Sorrow's Knot!