Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TTT: New to Me Authors of 2013

This week's TTT topic: New to Me Authors of 2013

Here are some of the authors I discovered this year whose work wowed me and made me want more.

 Sage Blackwood: Writes about magic in a fairy tale forest that includes amazing characters and adventures.

Laura Florand: The best adult contemporary romance author I've read. Ever.
 Claire LaZebnik: I can not resist Jane Austen retellings no matter how many times they let me down and leave me full of rage. LaZebnik is good at it though. So good.

Claire Legrand: Legrand is an excellent writer. She evokes so much emotion. I loved both of her MG novels I read this year and can not wait for her 2014 release, Winterspell, which is a retelling of The Nutcracker.

Marissa Meyer: I had this brilliant idea that I would wait until the entire Lunar Chronicles series was released before reading it. I caved. I'm hooked. I am desperately waiting for Cress.

Terry Pratchett: I know. This is just sad. What took me so long????

Rainbow Rowell: Everyone discovered her this year so I feel like such a sheep for this, but I like her books. Lots. 

Amy Spalding: She writes smart heroines and great family dynamics into her stories. She also knows her musical theater. Basically she's full of win. 

Sherry Thomas:  The Burning Sky was just so much FUN. I wish I had fun like that with every book. I'm really interested in reading her adult historical romances now.

Holly Webb: I needed to find a new author who would appeal to that younger end of the MG set and Webb is perfect for that. Her books also appeal to me even though I'm not in that set.

What about you? What authors have you discovered this year whom you love?


Jessica said...

I still need to read Scarlet, but I LOVE Cinder! Marissa Meyer is definitely a amazing author! I really want to read Rose by Holly Webb! And I want to read Claire LaZebnik's books too! :)

Brandy said...

I think SCARLET is even better than CINDER. And the LaZebnik books are so wonderful.