Friday, June 6, 2014

48 HBC First Update

Happily reading away. Here are the books I've finished in the first 12 hours:
Review here on Goodreads

Review coming June 16th!

I'm halfway through Pointe by Brandy Colbert now and it is more intense than I thought it would be not having read any reviews of it since I knew I was going to read it no matter what. I'm taking a break to blog because my brain and heart need it.

Totals so far:
Reading: 4 hours 25 minutes (695 pages)
Review Writing: 25 minutes
Social Media: 25 minutes

Not bad considering in the last 12 hours I've also cooked a meal, took my kids to the pool for 2.5 hours, and went to the grocery store.


  1. Oh, I want to read Minion! Sidekicked was great.

    1. Yes it was, but I liked Minion even more.