Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not in the Script

Not in the Script is a book I was so excited to read because I love these types of story lines about people with lives so different from your own that seem glamorous and fun. I was also nervous because I like to feel like even when these stories are showing me a fantasy life, I want them infused with some realism. Also I didn't want to dislike the book because I think Amy Finnegan is a lovely person and that always gets awkward. Fortunately, I did like it and spent a wonderful afternoon soaking in all its fun fluffy romance (with some substance-just like I wanted)!

Millions of people witnessed Emma Taylor’s first kiss—a kiss that needed twelve takes and four camera angles to get right. After spending nearly all of her teen years performing on cue, Emma wonders if any part of her life is real anymore . . . particularly her relationships.
Jake Elliott’s face is on magazine ads around the world, but his lucrative modeling deals were a poor substitute for what he had to leave behind. Now acting is offering Jake everything he wants: close proximity to home; an opportunity to finally start school; and plenty of time with the smart and irresistible Emma Taylor . . . if she would just give him a chance.When Jake takes Emma behind the scenes of his real life, she begins to see how genuine he is, but on-set relationships always end badly. Don’t they? Toss in Hollywood’s most notorious heartthrob and a resident diva who may or may not be as evil as she seems, and the production of Coyote Hills heats up in unexpected—and romantic—ways.

I really like both Emma and Jake. Emma is a focused actress and diligent student. She has made several poor choices in her dating life over the years, going out with guys who are egomaniacs and end up cheating on her. Unfortunately for her, her dating mistakes are broadcast all over the country courtesy of her being a famous actress. But despite haven a very grown up job, Emma is still only 18 and learning her way in the world. She grew up with the spotlight on her. She is down to earth and lives a fairly normal life with great parents who support her, but the Hollywood lifestyle still has its affects and makes her life difficult. Jake is a model who is taking on his first acting role so that he can stay in one place long enough to go to college. It's his life long dream to go into business. He is a devoted son, good friend, and genuine nice guy. He too has faults though, makes mistakes, and is young. I loved how genuine both of them are. They act exactly how I imagine kids their age who already have careers to manage and juggle with life would act if they were mature responsible human beings. It's great. Together they are even better. Often at ease with each other, but with exactly the right amount of sexual tension. It was lovely watching their relationship develop and seeing them come to terms with what they want. I also love the dialogue int his book and the easy banter between these two characters especially. 

There is a fair bit of drama. This is to be expected. It's a story about actors after all. I think Finnegan did a masterful job of making this drama realistic and never too cliche. I particularly like how she handled the characterization of both secondary female characters and their relationships with Emma. I typically don't like stories where there is more than one guy romantically interested in the main female character, but felt Finnegan handled that aspect well too. I love that Emma, star though she was, also had the ability to be star struck. I also felt that Brett's level of manipulation was perfectly conveyed, but that even he wasn't completely a villain. All the characters here have nuance and substance. 

This is a fun book. If you like contemporary romance, definitely pick it up.

I read an e-galley made available by the publisher, Bloomsbury Children US, on NetGalley. The release date for Not in the Script is October 7, 2014. 

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