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Favorite Reads of 2015

I decided I really liked the way I did my list last year so I'm doing it the same way this year. I will list the Top 10 Favorites of the Favorites first and they break it down by age category (10 MG, 10 YA, 10 Adult).  Disclaimer: My favorites should in no way be used to discern which books are going to be shortlisted for the Cybils committee I'm on. For that you will just have to wait until tomorrow when they're announced on the site. I'm only one person on a panel of seven remember. Brandy's Top Ten Reads of 2015 Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas (Young Adult, Fantasy) Audacity  by Melanie Crowder (Young Adult, Historical Fiction) Bone Gap  by Laura Ruby (Young Adult, Fantasy) Goodbye Stranger  by Rebecca Stead (Middle Grade, Contemporary Realistic) Listen, Slowly   by Thannha Lai (Middle Grade, Contemporary Realistic) Party Lines  by Emma Barry (Adult, Romance) The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall (Middle Grade,

Quarterly Round-Up with GIVEAWAY

It is time for the Quarterly Review Round-Up where I talk about the best of the best, the one's I couldn't finish, and the adult novels I'm reading that I don't review here. Plus there's a GIVEAWAY. The DNFs (links to my reasons why-if I shared them-on Goodreads): The Case of the Missing Moonstone The Magician's Secret Adult Books (links to reviews on Goodreads): Indecent Proposal   by Molly O'Keefe A Lady Awakened  by Cecilia Grant A Midnight Clear  by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner (5 STARS!) Saving the CEO  by Jenny Holiday Star Dust  by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner (5 STARS!) The Best of the Best (where the Giveaway comes in): All American Boys by Jason Reynolds Shadowshaper  by Daniel José Older Links to my reviews unless otherwise noted. GIVEAWAY Rules *Indicates later books in a trilogy or series. If you are wanting to begin with the first book and you win, I will allow you to choose that as your prize. If you want to

TTT: Santa Books

Top Ten Tuesday  is a Meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish This week's TTT topic: It's supposed to be books you want Santa to leave you under the tree, but I always do it as books I'm GIVING to people. I want so many books there's no narrowing it down. And I love giving books to the kids in my life. For Bit, age 11 sixth grade:  For LM, age 7 second grade (DIFFICULT READER): For the Entire Painter Family (including me-I cheated): For the Niece, age almost 4: In addition I bought her and LM both a set of these: They are exactly as tiny and adorable as they look. For the nephew, age 3 months: Both are board books. You can never start Mo Willems fans too young. What are some books you are giving or hoping to get this year?