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Boys of Blur

I have been a huge fan of N.D. Wilson's book since I read his first, Leepike Ridge . I pre-order his books as soon as I can and devour them all. I was so excited when I discovered he had a new stand alone, the first since Leepike Ridge , coming out this year. Then everyone else (who doesn't read their ARCs in order of publication date, or at least doesn't get as behind as I sometimes do) started singing its praises and my excitement and expectations increased. Basically, I had astronomical expectations for this book going into it and it managed to surpass them. This is a review of an ARC from the publisher. Synopsis: When Charlie moves from Palm Beach to the small town of Taper, Florida, he discovers a different world. Pinned between the everglades and the swampy banks of Lake Okeechobee, the small town produces sugar cane . . . and the fastest runners in the country. Kids chase muck rabbits in the fields while the cane is being burned and harvested. Dodging flames

Quarterly Review Round-Up with GIVEAWAY

I decided it was probably time for me to start doing some sort of review round-up, but I don't want to do a weekly or monthly one linking to ALL my reviews. I decided that a quarterly one where I could revisit the best books I've loved plus those that I don't usually include on here (DNFs and adult novels) is what I wanted. The Books I've DNFed (with links to my reasons-if I shared them-on Goodreads): Dangerous  by Shannon Hale Elusion  by Claudia Gabel, Cheryl Klam Game Over, Pete Watson   by Joe Schreiber The Nightingale's Nest  by Nikki Loftin (I am going to revisit this one. Maybe.) No One Else Can Have You  by Kathleen Hale The Adult Books (all romance) I've Read (links to reviews on Goodreads): Carolina Home , Carolina Girl , and Carolina Man by Virginia Kantra The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rak e  by Sarah MacLean Proof By Seduction  by Courtney Milan Ten Ways to Be Adored While Landing a Lor

A Face Like Glass

A Face Like Glass  by Frances Hardinge was one of the books I had to read for the YAMG Book Challenge. It was the only book potentially destined to come my way in the brackets that I had not previously read. Why? Because it has not been published in the US yet. And this is a TRAGEDY. Synopsis: In the underground city of Caverna the world's most skilled craftsmen toil in the darkness to create delicacies beyond compare. They create wines that can remove memories, cheeses that can make you hallucinate and perfumes that convince you to trust the wearer even as they slit your throat. The people of Caverna are more ordinary, but for one thing: their faces are as blank as untouched snow. Expressions must be learned. Only the famous Facesmiths can teach a person to show (or fake) joy, despair or fear — at a price. Into this dark and distrustful world comes Neverfell, a little girl with no memory of her past and a face so terrifying to those around her that she must wear a mask at all

WoW: Magic Thief: Home

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill of  Breaking the Spine , that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. Despite successfully securing a balance between the competing magics of Wellmet, Conn is not happy. Duchess Rowan has promoted him to ducal magister, but the other wizards see him only as a thief. But something sinister is brewing, as magicians’ locus stones are being stolen and magical spells are going awry. As Conn faces old enemies and powerful magical forces, is he strong enough to save the city he calls home? I love The Magic Thief series so much, and I can not wait to see what this latest installment will add to the story. And that cover makes me all kinds of  happy.  The Magic Thief: Home  is on sale on September 16, 2014.  What are you looking forward to this week. 

YAMG Book Battle Round Three

The YAMG Book Battle is about to enter Round Three. There are now four books left. Of those four, I picked one to move on to the finals. I'm not giving away any secrets though. You have to wait until tomorrow to discover which I picked. Here are the Final Four. Match One, March 26 (MINE!) Match Two, March 27 Any one have any predictions?

Rose and the Lost Princess

When I read Rose  by Holly Webb late last year, I was instantly captivated by the world and characters. Needless to say I was definitely excited that it was the first in a series and couldn't wait to read the sequel, Rose and the Lost Princess .   This is a review of an ARC received from publisher. Synopsis: Now an apprentice magician, Rose is asked to help find a very special missing person Turning the worn pages of her spell book, Rose can't believe how much her life has changed. Once a poor orphan, she is now an apprentice to the king's chief magician. But when the country's beloved princess vanishes, everything changes. As rumors of dark magic fly through the city, the king asks Rose for help. She must find the missing princess, before all is lost. Rose and the Lost Princess  picks up almost right  where   Rose left off. It is a sequel, but it is one  of  those children's series books that does not require reading the first book to enjoy. There is

SLJ's Battle of the Books Round Two

I am loving the battle this year so much. I don't love many of the books, and I don't agree with all the decisions. BUT. The decisions themselves have been amazing. The judges are setting a new standard this year for sure. I usually pick a favorite quote from each decision, and it is often hard to find one I like. This year it would be impossible to narrow it down to one. Read them all. They are all so good. Match One, March 21 The Animal Book  versus Boxers & Saints Judge: Tonya Bolden My Pick: Boxers & Saints I really loved Boxers & Saints . I like the way the two stories overlap and intertwine, the history, the different perspectives, and the mixture of mediums. I enjoy The Animal Book , but as I said before story will win over books like this for me every time. Match Two, March 24   Eleanor & Park  versus Far Far Away Judge: Rae Carson My Pick: Eleanor &Park I enjoyed Eleanor &Park  for the characters. Both Eleanor and Park are g

The Cracks in the Kingdom

When I read A Corner of White  last year, I was instantly transported and enchanted by the concept and characters. I know not everyone felt the same. That book is divisive. I don't think reading The Cracks in the Kingdom  will change the minds of those who didn't like it. For those who did like the first book, the second is even better, building on the story in the first and expanding it. This review is based on an ARC received from the publisher. Synopsis:  Princess Ko's been bluffing about the mysterious absence of her father, desperately trying to keep the government running on her own. But if she can't get him back in a matter of weeks, the consequence may be a devastating war. So under the guise of a publicity stunt she gathers a group of teens -- each with a special ability -- from across the kingdom to crack the unsolvable case of the missing royals of Cello. Chief among these is farm-boy heartthrob Elliot Baranski, more determined than ever to find his own

TTT: Books On My Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday  is a Meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish This week's TTT topic: Books on My Spring TBR In order of release day: Rose and the Lost Princess  April 1, 2014 Boys of Blur  April 8, 2014 Horizon April 8, 2014 The Last Best Kiss  April 22, 2014 The Chapel Wars  May 6, 2014 The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill  May 6, 2014 We Were Liars   May 13, 2014 The Night Gardener  May 20, 2014 The Castle Behind Thorns  May 27, 2014 Revolution  May 27, 2014 What books are you looking forward to in the coming months?

The Mark of the Dragonfly

The Mark of the Dragonfly  by Jaleigh Johnson is a magical adventure tale that uses several tried and true tropes and expands on them in new ways to create a fun new tale.  Synopsis: Piper has never seen the Mark of the Dragonfly until she finds the girl amid the wreckage of a caravan in the Meteor Fields. The girl doesn't remember a thing about her life, but the intricate tattoo on her arm is proof that she's from the Dragonfly Territories and that she's protected by the king. Which means a reward for Piper if she can get the girl home.  The one sure way to the Territories is the 401, a great old beauty of a train. But a ticket costs more coin than Piper could make in a year. And stowing away is a difficult prospect--everyone knows that getting past the peculiar green-eyed boy who stands guard is nearly impossible.  Life for Piper just turned dangerous. A little bit magical. And very exciting, if she can manage to survive the journey. Piper is a girl with no family,

YAMG Book Battle Round Two

There have been some interesting surprise decisions (at least they were surprises to me!) in the first round of the YAMG Book Battle . I'm looking forward to Round Two starting this week and seeing what I have to choose from for Round Three. Here are the books facing off in Round Two. Match One Tuesday, March 18 Match Two, March 19  Match Three, March 20 Match Four, March 23  I am so glad The King of Attolia  is still in! (I can say that because it's not coming my way.)