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Quarterly Review

Here is a round up of all the books I chose not to finish, adult reads, and favorite reads of the last three months. The DNFs (with links to my reasons why on Goodreads): Love, Ish  by Karen Rivers Windfall by Jennifer Smith Adult Reads (with links to Goodreads reviews): Beauty Like the Night  by Joanna Bourne (historical romance) Rogue Desire   by various (contemporary romance) The Watchmaker of Filigree Street  by Natasha Pulley (mystery, steam-punk, historical) The Best of the Best (links to my reviews): Beauty Like the Night   by Joanna Bourne Emperor of Mars  by Patrick Samphire An Uninterrupted View of the Sky by Melanie Crowder

TTT: Books with "Difficult" Women

Top Ten Tuesday  is a Meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish This week's TTT topic: Books That Feature Characters Who.... I'm back! Finally. Kind of sort of. I'm still in the transition process. We close on our house this week and get our stuff soon after. Then comes the unpacking. But I'm getting in more time for reading again. (Stay tuned.) In the meantime, this week's Top Ten Tuesday was one I couldn't pass up. When I saw this week's topic, I immediately though of my favorite kind of heroine: The "Difficult" Female. Who finds these fine ladies difficult? Usually the people in their stories angry that they won't fit in the nice neat boxes they want to stuff them in. And they won't go quietly into them either. I find it strange that many times readers  don't like these heroines either, probably because they are my everything. Difficult Woman: The Queen of Attolia Who Finds her Difficult: Pretty much everyone else in