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Quarterly Review

This is a look back on my reading of the past three months: the best of the best, the books I couldn't finish, and the non-fiction and adult books I don't review on the blog. These only cover new-to-me books and not rereads. The DNFs: The Bear and the Nightingale  by Katherine Arden  The Lost Girls of Paris  by Pam Jenoff The Non-Fiction: 1919: The Year That Changed America  by Martin Sandler Educated  by Tara Westover In the Shadow of Liberty  by Kenneth Davis The Adult Fiction:  The Dream Daughter   by Diane Chamberlain (science-fiction)  My Favorite Half Night Stand  by Christina Lauren (contemporary romance) Roomies  by Christina Lauren (contemporary romance) Smitten by the Brit  by Melonie Johnson (contemporary romance) The Best of the Best: 

Future Favorites Friday September 19

I take the 2nd Friday of every month to highlight some upcoming releases I am looking forward to that I hope are Future Favorites. Feel free to do your own post, just please link back to my blog and tell me about your post in the comments. Jenn Reese has a new book coming out!!!!!! I cannot tell you how much love I have for her Above World trilogy, and I was starting to lament that maybe we would never get another fabulous MG from her. BUT WE ARE!!!! And there's a tricky, well-dressed fox! And LOOK AT THE COVER!!!! (All the caps and exclamation points are totally necessary.) After an incident shatters their family, eleven-year old Samantha and her older sister Caitlin are sent to live in rural Oregon with an aunt they've never met. Sam wants nothing more than to go back to the way things were… before she spoke up about their father's anger. When Aunt Vicky gives Sam a mysterious card game called "A Game of Fox & Squirrels," Sam falls in love with

August 2019 Stats

School is back in full swing. Can you tell? I actually read a lot this month, but they were almost all familiar, comfort rereads and books for English class. Favorite New Read of August: August in Numbers: New Reads: 3 Rereads: 7 MG: 1 YA: 2 Adult: 7 Fiction: 10 Realistic Fiction: 8 Speculative Fiction: 2 I don't have a pic of the TBR shelf this month. It's almost embarrassing. It's pretty much all the same books as last month plus some a bunch more I picked up at the library. Here's to hoping I find a school rhythm soon, stay well*, and am able to read more new stuff. What good books did you read in August?