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TTT: Books I Always Want to Reread Around Halloween

Top Ten Tuesday  is a Meme hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish This week's TTT topic: Halloween Freebie which I am deeming "Books I Always Want to Reread Around Halloween I LOVE Fall. It is my favorite season. I love the feel of leaves crunching under my boots, the smell of the leaves with the frost, the slight chill in the air, and the fact that I get to break out my sweaters. I love sitting, slightly cold with a cup of warm tea. There are certain books I always want to reread around this time of year because they just fit the season so perfectly. Why: These two books are Tam Lin retellings where the climax of all the action takes place on Halloween night. They are the perfect Halloween read. (Though I've reread The Perilous Gard  more simply because it is easier to read quickly.) Why: I mean the title, but this book takes place around this time of year though it's ultimately centered around November 5th celebrations and concepts. Why: Both o

Middle Grade Book Holiday Gift Guide: 2017 Edition

I did this last year . Not only did I enjoy it, but I heard from many that it was a resource they enjoyed and found valuable so I'm doing it again. If you are looking for a book to buy a kid in your life, here is one place where you can get some recommendations. This is clearly not an exhaustive list and I hope others will add their own ideas, either by making their own posts or mentioning books in the comments. These are all book I have read, and I can't read everything. There's not enough time. NOTE: In publishing the term Middle Grade (MG) refers to books marketed toward the 9ish-12ish range. This is not a reading level recommendation. Some kids can read them much younger, others enjoy reading MG well into adulthood. They're just good books. (I will do the Young Adult books for the 13 and over crowd next week.) These are mostly books published in the past three years or so, but I have added a "tried and true" option to every category. I've put the g