Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bit Guest Review: The Penderwicks

Bit and I reviewed The Penderwicks together following the first time I read it to her. She just read it independently for the first time. As it was for school she had to write a critique when she finished it and immediately asked if I would put it on here. I agreed. Here is the original review she participated in for comparison.

I love how she thinks the story takes place in 1995. Why 1995??? (She had no explanation for why she chose that year when asked.) 

Review by Bit (age 8, third grade)

I think the Penderwicks was a very good book. The characters are interesting and the setup was interesting.

My favorite character is Skye. (Although most of the time her attitude is not one to copy.) I think Skye looks like me! Skye, for some reason is easy to understand. My second favorite character is Batty because she is funny, plus she reminds me of my brother Charlie. My third favorite character is Jane. Jane likes to read and write like me! My fourth favorite is Jeffery. He is interesting and he plays the piano, like me. My fifth favorite is Rosalind. She takes good care of Batty like I take care of Charlie. I have something in common with all of them!
The Penderwicks probably took place in 1995. They live in Massachusetts and are taking a vacation to Arundel. The adventure starts when Skye finds Jeffery, the horrible Mrs. Tifton’s son. Jeffery apologizes about his horrible mother and the five become good friends. Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty must try to save Jeffery from a school called Pencey and a stepfather worse than his mother! Can they save Jeffery before they have to leave?   

I recommend this book to everyone!

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