Friday, March 20, 2015

SLJ BoB Round One Wraps Up

It has been an exciting Round One in this year's SLJ's Battle of the Books. There have been surprises, excellent commentary (mostly from Kid Commentator RGN), and some disappointments. My favorite, The Crossover, was knocked out in this round, but I have hopes it will come back from the dead for the final. My favorite judge's decision was this one from Rachel Hartman.

Here are the books moving on to Round Two:


I have zero strategy for picking winners in this competition. I just like to see my favorites last as long as possible. That being the case I would like to see Round 2 end with these winners: Brown Girl Dreaming, El Deafo, The Port Chicago 50, and This one Summer. 

As far as judges go, I'm most looking forward to reading Elizabeth Wein's decision. Because I will read anything she writes.


  1. All the write ups of the winning books have been wonderful, and the kid commentators, wow! So very articulate.

    1. The Kid Commentators are my favorite part. Though I'm pretty sure RGN is in high school now so not really a "kid". :)

  2. The commentators should be in high school if they are supposed to read all of these books (especially This One Summer, which is not a kids' book). I agree with your picks for the second round and I think they are a pretty safe prediction, though surprises can happen. And I also hope The Crossover comes back!