Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SLJ BoB Round Two Thoughts

Round Two of SLJ's Battle of the Books is over now. Here is what is moving on to Round Three:


This is a really strong Final Four. Even though I'm not a big fan of West of the Moon personally, I see why others do like it so much. I think this may be the first year ever I'm not completely confused by how one of the books made it this far.

But just as the judges have to choose, so will I. The books I want to see go to the final are: El Deafo and The Port Chicago 50.

Of this round I liked Elizabeth Wein's decision the best despite its length, because of her unbridled enthusiasm for the competition and for referencing Roger Sutton's judging of the judges. (And I'm glad she did because I was starting to think he might need to take that up again as a reminder.)


  1. I enjoyed the creativity of Nathan Hale's decision, and defiantly the enthusiasm of Elizabeth Wein's. I find the bracket pairings were pretty interesting. Pretty hard choices.

  2. Wow, Elizabeth Wein's critique is EXTREMELY impressive. If I were the author of either book, I'd be really pleased to see such a thoughtful, careful critique.