Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ordinary Princess

One of my favorite parts of everyday is read aloud time.  Once the smaller child is napping the older one and I snuggle on the couch and read a chapter or two of a book together.  Our most recent adventures were found in M. M. Kaye's The Ordinary Princess.  Joining me for a review of this delightful book is the young one herself.  We shall call her the bibliophile-in-training (Bit).  For any who are curious, she is six.

The Story
The Ordinary Princess is the story of the Princess Amethyst.  She is the seventh princess born in the kingdom of Phantasmorania.  Since she is the seventh princess all the fairies in the land are invited to be godparents.  The final fairy to arrive is a bit curmudgeonly.  Feeling that all of the other gifts bestowed on the princess are a bit much, this fairy gifts the baby princess with ordinariness.  From then on the Princess Amy is not your average princess, but she is a normal girl.  She likes to play in the woods, climb trees and has a squirrel and bird for friends.  But she is so ordinary that no prince who sees her wishes to marry her.  Her father's council comes  up with a plan to hire a dragon to lay waste to the countryside.  Then princes will be invited to kill said dragon and win the princess's hand in marriage.  She will be locked away so they can't see her until the deed is done.  When Amy gets wind of this plan she decides to leave and be an ordinary forest girl and then becomes an ordinary kitchen maid.  This leads her to a most extraordinary happily ever after.

Bit's Thoughts
I liked the story because it is the most fun story I've read so far.  I like the way the story starts and ends.  I like Princess Amy and Peregrine and all the other characters.  I like the way Amy decides to do things her own way.  The story is fun and funny.  I like how Mommy does the voices and sounds.  I like when Mommy did the sound of Peregrine with a mouthful of  berries.  I like the way the story ends the best.

My Thoughts
This is a great story for little girls of all types.  Princess lovers or princess haters will enjoy Amy's unique role and life.  Amy is different from all other  princesses and that is what makes her special.  It is a wonderful lesson in being and liking yourself as you are.  Despite fleeting moments of envy of her sisters, Amy is quite content.  She focuses on the positive.  I highly recommend this book for anyone with young girls who would like to place focus on  personality and ability rather than looks.     

Originally published on my livejournal on August 9, 2010.

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